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Our mission is clear: empower high impact leaders with wisdom for life, helping them discover, develop, and deploy their unique gifts for kingdom purposes.

We're mobilizing business and professional men to take the Gospel to the marketplace



Research shows that businessmen in the U.S. work two to four full weeks more each year than their counterparts in Europe; they have fewer days off, fewer sick days, and over 20 percent less free time.


Recent data reveals that we have more responsibilities than our predecessors in the same job or role, and we often do the work of two or more people. Many of us have both children and parents to care for. We seldom have any time to ourselves. We make decent money, but at the end of the year—after seeing half of it go to taxes, fees, and a 401(k)—we tend to feel at best, unsatisfied, at worst, ripped off.


The men drawn to CBMC are men who know God had more in mind for them than this debilitating cycle of futility. They are men who refuse to let life pass them by—men who are compelled to be a part of something more significant than themselves, something eternal, and of more value than business success alone can bring. They are men who thrive in the business world, yet who want to have impact both in and beyond it.


It's hard enough being a Christian today. Being a Christian in the trenches of the real world of business and the global marketplace isn't easy. Being a good father, husband, son, or brother is a full-time job in itself. Throw in commitments to the community and you've already got an 80-hour week. Pulling it all off without mistakes is a challenge in itself. Men of CBMC have discovered that the support and encouragement of Christian men traveling along the same road is not only refreshing, it's also liberating. Hear testimonials from local men below.


The Vision of CBMC is believing in the power of one; for all men to experience the Power of One God, the Value of One Man, and Leverage of One Team resulting in spirtual reproduction among businessmen around the world.

CBMC Central Midwest would like to thank the hard efforts of one: Evan McAlister, a talented videographer responsible for the above testimonies. To see more of Evan's work or to contact regarding your video needs, visit https://vimeo.com/evanmcalister.

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