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Past speakers

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2020 - Jeff Kemp*

2019 - Tass Saada

2018 - Harold Finch*

2017 - Michael Franzese*

2016 - Dayton Moore*

2015 - Dan Mears*

2014 - Mark Whitaker*

2013 - Pat McCown*

2012 - Brian Holman*

2011 - Pam Morgan*

2010 - Karen Kornacki

2009 - Goran Hunyak

2008 - Brian Bannister

2007 - Brig Sorber

2006 - Dr Bernard Franklin

2005 - Robert Rogers

2004 - Gracia Burnham

2003 - Jerry Molnar

2002 - Richard Fenstermacher

2001 - Carol Kent

2000 - Charles Jones

1999 - Tom Osborne

1998 - Ted Sprague

1997 - Albert Diepeveen

wide shot of group at past OPMPB

Thursday, September 16, 2021
6:45-8:15 a.m Central

matt_manzari headshot

About Our Speaker - Matt Manzari  

I fell in love with water sports at an early age. I started wakeskating and before I knew it, I was sponsored by Nike and traveling the world doing what I loved at the age of 15! It seemed my career was established, and I knew what I would do for the rest of my life! However, God had other plans and began to work on my heart. Out of nowhere, I started sensing He was calling me into ministry. Feeling unqualified, I fought this calling for about two months. I told God if this was truly His leading, then He had to give me confirmation by sundown that night. If I had confirmation, I would drop everything and pursue ministry. I honestly didn’t expect anything to happen, but I could finally go to sleep with a clear conscience. One hour after praying this prayer, while on the phone with a friend, he randomly told me that he knew I would be in ministry from the day he met me. I had never told anyone about what had been going on, and now a friend calls me out of the blue saying I need to be in ministry. Needless to say, I hung up the phone, broke into tears, and found myself enrolling in school to study Theology.


Read more of Matt's story HERE.

History of the Mayor's Prayer Events

In 1973, Homer Anderson (the man Homer’s Coffee House is named in honor of) proposed a plan to begin Mayor’s Prayer Breakfasts in cities throughout Kansas and Missouri. Homer visited with mayors throughout the region and asked them to let Kansas City CBMC sponsor Annual Mayor Prayer Breakfasts in their cities.


Over the next few years many such events were begun. Other CBMC areas followed our lead and began Mayor’s Prayer Breakfasts as well. Nationally, CBMC sponsors Mayor’s Prayer Breakfasts in St Louis, Houston, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Los Angeles, and many other cities.


The purpose, then as now, was to present the claims of Jesus Christ to the business and professional community in a non-threatening and open environment. The guidelines were that there would be no mention of political parties or denominations. We would discourage politicians and clergy from speaking and the main speakers would be business people or athletes who had had a significant encounter with Christ.



The Overland Park Mayor's Prayer Breakfast Committee

Incoming Chairman

Jacob Swisher


Outgoing Chairman

Tom Van Dyke


Outgoing Ticket Sales

Sheryl Block



Rick Boxx


OP Chamber of Commerce

Tim Holverson

Rosco Halsey

Bill Ryan

Rich Bott

Sean West


Special Arrangements and Administration

Sue Huff



CBMC's Gary Tenpenny

UB Women's Kimberly Wright


Thursday, September 3, 2020
7-8 a.m Central

The 2020 OPMPB was a free Virtual Event on Zoom.
Did you miss the event or wish to re-watch? Watch below!

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