CBMC stands for Christian Business Men’s Connection.  Our mission is to present Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord to business and professional men and to develop Christian business and professional men to carry out the Great Commission. 

Matthew 28:19-20 says, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Since 1930, CBMC has stood behind this mission.  Based on Matthew 28:19-20 and founded on the deeply rooted conviction to carry out the Great Commission, CBMC continues with this same mission today.  Reaching men in the marketplace with the Gospel and equipping them for kingdom impact in their life and work, is now more relevant than ever.  As men seek to live lives of significance CBMC stands ready to share the hope of the Gospel and provide effective tools necessary for spiritual growth.

CBMC exists to point men to Christ allowing the Gospel to transform them into ambassadors for Christ in life and work.  Using the Marketplace Ambassador Advancement System, men are trained and equipped in evangelism and discipleship with in-depth one-on-one Operation Timothy and the small group relational LivingProof Adventure. Trusted Advisor Forums, Young Professionals, Leadership Coach Training, and Connect3 groups round out the many tools available for a man seeking purpose and to live a life of significance.

The CBMC logo represents the all-encompassing identity of who we are in Christ. God is fully represented in the power of this cutting edge brandmark as the 3-persons of the triune God. The brandmark also represents a circle of men; a team working in unity. Additionally, the brandmark speaks of Christ covering the life-on-life relationship of a Paul and Timothy. The CBMC brandmark is visionary for men of CBMC who are united in their desire to reclaim their cities for Jesus Christ.


Christian Business Men’s Connection believes in the power of one.  Our vision is for all men to experience the Power of One God, the Value of One Man, the Leverage of One Team resulting in spiritual reproduction among businessmen around the world.  "One shall become a thousand" is a Biblical model based on Isaiah 60:22 that drives this vision and continues to be the motivation for everything we do.  This God-given vision has carried CBMC for over 90 years. 

Spiritual reproduction is modeled in Scripture by Paul as he discipled Timothy in Acts 16 and the results that poured out of that relationship.  "So the churches were strengthened in the faith, and increased in number daily," Acts 16:5. Paul saying, “What you (Timothy) have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to Reliable/Faithful Men, who will be able to teach others also.” 2 Timothy 2:2 Becoming A Spiritual Reproducer to the 3rd and 4th generations. Therefore, we are looking for Reliable Men of FAITH! They are Faithful to do as they say they will, they make themselves Available to do it, they live Intentionally, and they are Teachable (Coachable). When a man does this professionally, personally and spiritually it Honors God and they Become Spiritual Reproducers as they go and make Disciple Makers! Good fruit is produced that has eternal rewards for him and those he impacts for Jesus!

Evangelism and Discipleship is the DNA of CBMC.  We believe in the power of One God, that every man is made in God's image, and as we work together, and God works through us, the Gospel is proclaimed powerfully resulting in God multiplying men into His kingdom.  This is a Biblical model of expansion that works!  

As men in the marketplace experience the power of God through a Biblical model, they then take the lead to reach out into their sphere of influence with the Gospel.

"Are you a Tourist or Ambassador" over image of young men sitting around a table


Christian Business Men’s Connection is set apart as a unique marketplace ministry through relational one-on-one discipleship.  Men investing in other men, praying for each other, and intentionally engaging their lives to build spiritual reproducers.

Prayer - We begin with prayer because Christ reveals the Father to men (Luke 10:22), the Father draws men to Christ (John 6:44) and the Spirit convicts men of guilt (John 16:8), we bring men before God before bringing God to men.

Calling - CBCMC is a movement of business and professional men who believe God has called them to take Christ to the marketplace. 

Evangelism - We utilize the tool, The Ten Most Wanted Cards to identify and pray for the lost men whom we believe God wants us to reach with the Gospel.  Evangelism begins with prayer, is most effective in a relational lifestyle, and is to be carried out with a sense of urgency.

Discipleship - The Word of God is our ultimate resource for teaching men who God is.  Discipleship is relational as God often utilizes a variety of people in this process.  We are called to be disciple-makers and this is most fruitful in one-on-one relationships.  The hope is to see 3rd and 4th  generation reproduction.  The heart of discipleship is forming Christ in people as we discover, through the Word of God, who He is, His character, and His plans.

Team Ministry - We are called to function in a team environment (the body of Christ) and not independently.  We need the gifts and support of each other.  CBMC teams are devoted to Christ, one another, and the cause of the Gospel.


CBMC began in the United States in 1930 as Christian Business Men's Committee, when a small group of Christian businessmen coordinated a series of pre-Easter prayer rallies. With the Great Depression in its second year, these men saw an urgent need for spiritual revival and took it upon themselves to plan a six-week evangelistic series of meetings at the Garrick Theater, in the Chicago loop area. Public response to the first gathering on January 6, 1931, was overwhelming, as more than 800 packed into the 800-seat facility for all six sessions.  As the meetings were drawing to a close, the downtown Chicago business community wanted to continue the gatherings as more and more men were experiencing life change through their newfound relationship with Christ. 

Similar groups were soon popping all over the nation: Atlanta, Washington, DC, Orange County, California, Kansas City, and many other large, medium, and small cities began staging their own version of these outreaches.  The ministry moved its Support Center from Chicago to Chattanooga in the 1970’s. As the years passed, the work spread across the United States to fulfill an insatiable need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The decade of the 70’s also saw the first release of a remarkable tool, known as Operation Timothy.   There was a felt need for a discipleship tool to help men ignite their walk with Christ.  OT was designed to be used for one-on-one applications where a mentor (whom we call a Paul, sits down with someone wishing to know more (a Timothy) and together they embark upon a transformational journey of exploring Christ’s word.

In the 1990’s, CBMC officially changed its name to Christian Business Men’s Connection, but no matter what the name, there have been tens of thousands of intentional businessmen that have made this ministry thrive. These businessmen embraced two core beliefs: share the gospel with those who don’t know the Good News and then go and make disciples: Be intentional about carrying out The Great Commission. (Matthew 28:19). 

Kansas City became one of the first cities after Chicago to have a CBMC group when the Kansas City Downtown committee began meeting just prior to World War II. Soon the group became involved with a wide variety of ministry opportunities such as a Servicemen’s Center, Prison Ministry, ministry to Future Farmers of America, as well as the continued outreach to businessmen.

In the 1960’s the Kansas City team multiplied to form suburban groups in Johnson County, KS, Independence, MO, Kansas City, KS and other areas until there were about twelve committees at the peak in 1995.

Beginning in 1973, the purpose began to be refined with an emphasis on the business community and making disciples among businessmen. Outreach meetings, city-wide leadership events such as the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfasts, retreats and conferences became the focus. This focus on evangelism and discipleship remains today.

Homer’s Coffee House opened in Overland Park in 2001 to become a physical presence and a meeting place as part of the ongoing ministry to the business community in Johnson County Kansas. Though no longer affiliated with CBMC, Homer’s continues to be a community center, lighthouse, and meeting place in the heart of Overland Park.

CBMC Kansas/Kansas City and the surrounding Central Midwest area has had four full-time directors in the past decades, Max Weaver, Jim Mathis, and now Gary Tenpenny and Sean West.

Overland Park Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

In 1973, Homer Anderson (the man Homer’s Coffee House is named in honor of) proposed a plan to begin Mayor’s Prayer Breakfasts in cities throughout Kansas and Missouri. Homer visited with mayors throughout the region and asked them to let Kansas City CBMC sponsor Annual Mayor Prayer Breakfasts in their cities.

Over the next few years many such events were begun. Other CBMC areas followed our lead and began Mayor’s Prayer Breakfasts as well. Nationally, CBMC sponsors Mayor’s Prayer Breakfasts in St Louis, Houston, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Los Angeles, and many other cities. Click the button below to learn about the next Breakfast.





Monte Cutshall

VP of Branding, Distribution & Product Development at SS Design Concepts, LLC

I met Gary at an Every Man a Warrior retreat and it's been a true joy getting to know this humble man after God's own heart. Every time we meet, I leave feeling refreshed and thankful for the biblical wisdom that Gary shares. I strongly recommend anyone serious in the search for significance - in their professional or family life - to reach out to Gary.


Gene Baldwin

Experienced Business Leader

I first met Gary as a part of my journey through the Halftime process. He was highly recommended by a mutual friend so we had something in common right away and by his character he was easy to get to know – as he is open, honest and genuine. During our coaching sessions, we were able to openly discuss issues in our lives and gain much encouragement from one another and I found them very helpful. If you’re considering hiring a coach – Gary is very approachable, helpful and encouraging and I’d highly recommend him.

Brian Clark

Horizon International staff

Gary has been through so much in life – in business and family – that he was able to speak right into my life through his experience and humility. Admittedly, being in the non-profit world, I was apprehensive, but together we were able to identify, work through and chip away at the areas in my life that needed work and it was well worth it!! He listens well and was considerate of my time, keeping our conversations on task with my best interests in mind always – but above all, he genuinely cared about me and has proven to be a wise advocate in my corner and I know he will be for you too!!


Kent Broddle

Software Engineer at Garmin International

Having Gary as my Life Coach proved to be extremely valuable and if you are considering hiring a Coach – I can attest that Gary will commit wholeheartedly to helping you develop as a leader and a servant. In my experience, I found that we don’t always see our own weaknesses or biases… and sometimes – we don’t even recognize our own passions, strengths, desires or purpose. Having Gary walk alongside me, he was able to provide a unique insight that presented personal challenges that brought about a change that I couldn’t have reached without him. He was especially open, honest and insightful. I enjoyed our time together and I greatly benefited from hearing his personal story and observing his godly character. He has a great balance in his coaching style between encouragement and challenge – and as I’m trying to obey and follow God’s leading in my life, Gary has offered tremendous help and has become a trusted friend!


Scott Strahm

owner at trinity property group owner of BLI Rentals owner of REV LLC

If you’re looking for accountability – you’ve met your match. Gary provided just what I needed to move me out of my comfort zone into where I needed to be. He made it clear that he genuinely cared about me and my walk with God and having that kind of reassurance was just enough to motivate me to move… even when I didn’t want to. He is kind, caring and is highly qualified to be a coach – even for a little guy like me.


Wayne L. McDaniel

Personal, Philanthropic and Financial Coach

I have known Gary for several years, though our paths only crossed occasionally. After struggling to get direction for the second half of my life, I decided, after a few conversations with Gary, that I needed to hire a Half Time Coach. Gary was wonderful to work with. He is a very positive and caring person. He remembered (or made very good notes of) prior conversations, kept me on track and helped me make some decisions that shifted the direction I was going. If you feel like you are in half time and need some help getting to the right spot, I strongly recommend Gary.