Leviticus 25:3 YP RETREAT

Written by Jim Mathis, Edited by Gary Tenpenny

Six members of the Kansas City CBMC Young Professionals enjoyed a weekend retreat the first weekend in August. The YP group along with CBMC Regional Director, Gary Tenpenny and special guest, Randall Kamp joined a small herd of buffalo, at the Buffalo Ridge Retreat Center near Williamsburg, Kansas. While the bison munched on the prairie grass, the retreaters enjoyed some world-famous Williamsburg Bar-B-Que.

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Part 4: Reflections from a Beneficiary of CBMC’s Rich Spiritual Legacy

By Robert J. Tamasy

If you had a chance to talk with anyone who has been involved with CBMC for any length of time, they could tell you about the wealth of spiritual riches they have acquired, how much they have grown through their participation in the ministry. That’s been true for me. Here are three more principles I would like to share with you:

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Part 3: Reflections from a Beneficiary of CBMC’s Rich Spiritual Legacy

By Robert J. Tamasy

When I arrived at CBMC in 1981 to begin my work as editor, then director of publications, I had a sharp learning curve. Being unfamiliar with the ministry before accepting the job, one of my first assignments was to read the book, “Men Aflame,” an historic account of CBMC from its founding in 1930 until the late 1960s. Little did I know that I would one day write a sequel of sorts, “Marketplace Ambassadors: CBMC’s Continuing Legacy of Evangelism and Disciplemaking,” that captured stories from the ministry’s first 90 years. 

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Part 2: Reflections from a Beneficiary of CBMC’s Rich Spiritual Legacy

By Robert J. Tamasy

In my last post, I noted that I’ve been involved with CBMC in both full-time staff and non-staff roles for nearly 40 years. Over that span, God has taught me some incredible spiritual lessons, proving that when I was introduced to CBMC in 1981, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Here are a few more of those biblical insights that I not only was taught, but also caught from other men:


“Grateful & Blessed”

Looking at the fresh, white snow of God’s creation, I often reflect on how my life has changed—my relationship with Jesus and what He has done for me—and I’m reminded again that I’ve been cleansed like that pristine snow. This growth and change in my heart has been the result of God’s invisible hand at work in and through His word, Romans 12:1-2. As He renews my mind over time, I become a person of character.

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Jesus Is The Game Changer

December 2018

Conception Abbey, Conception, MO


Reflecting upon my life, particularly this past year, I was impacted by the ways Jesus made all the difference. I challenge you now to do the same thing, knowing that the reason you’ve received this letter is because you are important to me.


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