Greetings brothers!

As a valuable stakeholder of CBMC Central Midwest we wanted to share this ministry update with you. Click on the video below and enjoy my conversation with Tim Bonnell Jr. On the video description you can find links that will lead you to our official social media accounts. Or you can click on the following links: Facebook LinkedIn.  This is where you can look at our video testimonies and listen to what men are saying about their involvement with CBMC as to how it is impacting their lives at home and in the marketplace. Please feel free to share these with other like-minded men who would enjoy and benefit from connecting with us.

We are mobilizing business and professional men to take the Gospel to the marketplace. We appreciate your partnership through your prayers and financial support as we expand the ministry reach in the Central Midwest region. To donate please click here .

To view the video please Click Here

Thank you in advance for helping us to grow spiritual multiplication with all men.  2 Timothy 2:2