Success = Teamwork

So King Solomon was king over all Israel.  2 And these were his officials:...   

1 Kings 4:1-2a

The king always makes the headlines! 

The top leaders dominate the news and draw the most attention. But their success is largely dependent upon the team they bring around them.

Solomon was known for his great wisdom.  But one of the first things he did with his acumen was to enlist the best people available to work with him.  Solomon did not try and do all the work or to make all the decisions.  Rather he organized his team of officials and set them to work.  The result was the most magnificent age in Israel’s history.

We all remember Solomon... but few of us can recall a single name of his officials.  Yet Scripture lists them, for the biblical scribes knew they had played a crucial role.

The reason some leaders never achieve greatness is because they fail to build effective teams.  No leader, regardless of how talented or hard working, can do everything.  Good team members magnify our efforts many times over.  What is the caliber of the people you currently have working with you?

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