So Jesus came again to Cana of Galilee where He had made the water wine. John 4:46

Cana is a tiny, insignificant village on the slopes of the Galilean hills. It was just down the road from Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth. Even today, there is not much to see in Cana, even for eager tourists. There are no great monuments erected to former heroes. No major battle was fought there. No world leader emerged from that town. It has always been a backwater place for ordinary people.

It is therefore surprising perhaps, that the first two major signs Jesus performed in His earthly ministry were in Cana. One would think Jesus would have performed those in Jerusalem in an elaborate, well-publicize event. Or, He might have traveled to the Forum in Rome and made a huge splash on the world stage, heralding the coming of the Messiah. But He did not. Instead, He saved a wedding celebration from disaster when the wine ran out and He healed the son of an unknown man in Capernaum. Almighty God delights in the ordinary!

Scripture indicates that to whom much is given, much is expected. Imagine the undeserved privilege the citizens of Cana received when they had the Son of God visit them more than once! Why would the God of the universe take time to even visit the unimportant hamlet of Cana once, let alone twice? With the purposes of God to carry out, how could such an insignificant place merit any attention from the Messiah at all? But such are the ways of God. He delights in the ordinary. He loves the common places and people. No place is insignificant in His eyes or heart.

Is your life a Cana? Are you prepared for God’s next encounter with you?

How Can I, as a Christian business leader, move my people toward God’s agenda?

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Taken from the SLN Daily Devotional - Blackaby Ministries International