Leaving A Legacy - Is what you're building today in preparation for tomorrow?

 “Amen!” Benaiah son of Jehoiada replied. “May the Lord, the God of my lord the king, decree that it happen.  And may the Lord be with Solomon as he has been with you, my lord the king, and may he make Solomon’s reign even greater than yours!”  1Kings 1:36-37

The power of a godly legacy is that a generation builds on the one that preceded it.

King Solomon was not a warrior like his father had been.  But he didn’t have to be. David subdued the nations around him and made alliances with others.  Solomon was able to rule during a period of general peace and prosperity.  David gathered materials to build a temple, but it was his son Solomon who took those resources and built the magnificent house of worship for his God.  Much of the reason that Solomon’s reign was so spectacular was because his father built such a strong foundation. In fact, God promised to bless Solomon because of the walk with God David developed.

What type of heritage are you preparing to pass on to your children and grandchildren?  Will some things come easy for them because of the price you paid?  Will they go farther in their walk with God than you did because of the spiritual storehouses you passed on to them?  Will they accomplish more for God’s kingdom than you did because you left them resources that were unavailable to you when you were their age?

Godly parents delight in seeing their children advance farther than they did.  Loving parents do not compete with their children; they bless them.  They do not resent their offspring; they celebrate their victories.  Take a moment to examine what you have provided your children thus far.  Are they being equipped to rise to heights you could never have dreamed of achieving?

- BMI Spiritual Leadership Network

Do you ever find yourself thinking it's too late?  I've blown it… My kids are already grown – I can’t possibly change things now...

That's a lie that the world teaches us... and I’d like to encourage you today to challenge those thoughts, because with God – it's never too late and I can help point you towards the truth – contact me today!