“Then the anger of the Lord was aroused against Israel, and He delivered them into the hand of Hazael king of Syria, and into the hand of Ben-Hadad the son of Hazael, all their days” 2 Kings 12:3

Satan is not the only one who will oppose you and what you are doing. In fact, Satan is a lightweight compared to when God chooses to become your opponent. There is no record in Scripture of Satan ever destroying God’s people. However, there are several instances where God brought devastating judgment on His people. God will not allow us to ignore or dishonor Him with impunity. He has a multitude of ways to discipline us and to get our attention. The raising up of enemies and opposition is one of God’s most effective tools for such a purpose.

God is not obligated to protect His people at all costs. If we reject Him and choose to act independently of His guidance and standards, then He allows us the freedom to also use our own strength and resources to bring our plans to fruition and to defend ourselves from our enemies.

If we will not heed God’s still, small voice, calling us back to Himself, God will raise His voice! He can do that by allowing enemies to assault us. It would be foolish to assume that every time someone opposed us, it was the work of Satan and his evil forces. Enemies have a way of driving us back to God in ways that God’s blessings do not! If God’s favor has caused us to become proud or materialistic, or feeling as if we don’t need God for our success, then God may well allow an enemy to humble us and prove to us how much we need God. Are there presently enemies or opponents in your life and leadership? If so, do you need to return to a more intimate, dependent, trusting relationship with God? If so, don’t waste time! Return to Him humbly, and quickly.