1 Kings 6:14 - So Solomon built the temple and finished it...

God has short term as well as long-term projects for you to undertake.  At times the short-term efforts can be easily embraced and dispatched without too much difficulty.  A frenetic burst of energy and determination, and we are finished.

But there are long-term assignments that necessitate far more determination and perseverance if we are to complete them.  Building the temple cost Solomon seven years of intense investment.  It was an assignment that required years to complete.  Yet, while it took longer to finish, it also lasted longer when it was completed.  Sometimes our most lasting contributions are those tasks that required our maximum effort.

What long-term assignment has God given you?  Have you grown weary in the task?  Have you lost your focus or passion for the work?  Have you contemplated quitting? 

Remember... it is often in the most challenging of assignments that we experience our greatest reward and satisfaction.

- BMI Spiritual Leadership Network

Reaching the Business Professional

CBMC Leadership Institute is on a mission to reach a business leader right where he is and help him become the leader God designed him to be while building a business of excellence that glorifies God. The Leadership Institute provides a confidential peer to peer environment where faith and leadership intersect.

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Are you building or maintaining a business and going it ALONE?? 

It takes long hours and years to do so... and it's far too easy become weary and forget God in the process and His proven biblical principles of success. 

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There's great benefit in being a part of a peer advisory group of other like minded men that can encourage and hold one another accountable!

When God is involved nothing is impossible we just need to trust and obey and use the principles and strategies he's given us to finish well!